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Welcome to Trinity Foundation (A Public Charitable Trust (NGO) Regd. in Pune, Mah. India, under Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950 and operative across the world since 3rd Feb. 2014)

  • Genuine, Honest and Guaranteed Work, accessible online, from the comfort of your home or within your area, done at any time convenient to you (if you have the necessary qualifications, skills, expertise and experience. Every day, hundreds of Individual and Corporate Clients / Customers from across the world visit here, to search for the Professional Workmen in any and all the languages and computer skills, living in their local areas or the other parts of the world.)


  • OUR JOBS:-

Translation, Editing, Proof-reading, Writing - Webpage / Blog Content, Creative & Ghost - Writing, Voice-Over, Inter-active Voice Response, Audio Recording, Typing, Data Entry / Mining / Verification, Form-Filling, HTML Tagging, Medical Billing, Transcription ( Medical / general / Legal), Bulk Typing / Scanning, Posting Free Classified Advts. SEO (Search Engine Optimization, Blogging, Creation of Facebook Pages & Groups , Bulk e-mailing, Distribution of Local Mail & bills. and any & all the other kinds of Linguistic, Secretarial e-services, in any & all the languages and all the parts of the world, as freelancer/s or corporate firm/s, whether on the orders of Our Company or of M/S Ashok Patwadhan's Agency, Pune, India or any other Job-Posters at this website, whether they may be Corporate / Govt. or Semi-Govt. or Local Self Gov. Departments or Private Individuals.

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